The only relationship building card game for long distance couples

150 questions specifically designed to make it easy for long distance couples to connect on a deeply intimate & emotional level

Hard conversations made easy

Learn something new every time

Connect on a deeper level


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'Chemical structure of a compound with letters 'H' and 'C' denoting elements.'


Long Distance Questions: Relationship Building Cards

Learn & grow together from anywhere.

150 thought provoking questions across 6 key areas to help you and your long distance love truly get to know and understand each other.

Expertly designed to make it easy to discuss essential topics that build lasting trust, open communication and emotional maturity.


“We've learnt so many new things about each other.”

Lindsay 🇺🇸  & Grayson 🇺🇸


Expansion Cards

Every long distance relationship is at a different stage. Our expansion packs are ready to help you level up and navigate the next leg of your journey.


Sex & Intimacy

Sensual questions to help you better understand each other's deepest emotional and physical desires in a meaningful way.


When Together

For your next visit, celebrate being physically together with questions that acknowledge how far you've come and the road ahead.


Closing The Distance

Questions to help you navigate common challenges. So you can close the distance faster and seamlessly transition into your new life together!

"After not even going through five of the (Closing The Distance) questions we realized how much we hadn't thought about that could really impact us."

Will 🇺🇸 & May 🇺🇸


How Long Distance Questions Started

After meeting as exchange students at San Diego State University (Go Aztecs!). It wasn’t long before realizing what we had was special.

Being on exchange meant our time together would be cut short. But it wasn’t going to be the end.

We faced all the highs and lows long distance has to offer. Not to mention the time zone, cultural, family, and language (French/English) differences international relationships create.

It wasn’t easy to navigate these parts of our relationship. All while still really getting to know each other from a distance.

We wished something existed that could guide us through these challenges and help us to grow as a couple along the way. Something that would allow us to communicate more effectively and better understand who each other really is.

Since founding Lasting The Distance, we’ve interviewed and surveyed thousands of our readers about their biggest struggles. Communication is always high on their list.

That’s why we created Long Distance Questions.

To give all long distance couples a simple and effective way to discuss the most important topics that impact their relationship. While creating a deeper, more meaningful connection in the process.

Lolo 🇨🇦  & Nate 🇦🇺