“This deck definitely helped to spice things up.”

Ellie 🇺🇸  & Max 🇳🇿

Sex & Intimacy Questions

Build an intensely romantic connection from afar with questions that help you to have, the sometimes difficult yet necessary, meaningful and vulnerable conversations.

Sensitive topics made easy to discuss

Build unwaivering levels of trust

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Questions To Help You Create a Deeply Intimate & Trusting Connection From Afar

Getting to know each other intimately is vital to long distance success. The Long Distance Sex & Intimacy Questions expansion pack will help you understand their deepest emotional and physical desires in a meaningful way.

Spice up those virtual date nights as you explore new and exciting ways to feel closer despite the distance.

Deepen your intimate understanding of each other through questions that help reveal needs, vulnerabilities, and desires.

Build unshakable trust in each other

Exploring vulnerabilities, virtual and physical intimacy creates a level of trust not all relationships get to experience.

Designed using proven techniques that creates a fun and safe environment, making it feel easy to have intimate discussions.

350gsm premium card stock with scratch resistant box that fits perfectly in the Long Distance Questions box or on it's own.

It's the perfect gift for enhancing your long distance intimacy. But if it's not for you we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

What Long Distance Couples Are Saying

"This deck definitely helped to spice things up. There were some surprising questions where I couldn't help but giggle. While others well and truly had me blushing!"

Ellie 🇺🇸  (& Max 🇳🇿 )

Verified Buyer

"I know how important it is to have a deep and intimate understanding of each other. Especially when long distance. But opening up about this sort of thing has always been difficult for me. These questions gradually made me feel more comfortable as they helped guide the conversation."

Guillaume 🇫🇷  (& Beatrice 🇨🇦 )

Verified Buyer

"Not only has it kept our date nights exciting and fresh. It has also had a positive impact when we've been physically together."

Steph 🇺🇸  (& Christopher 🇬🇧 )

Verified Buyer

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