“It helped us close the distance sooner & smoother.”

Jean 🇫🇷  & Ingrid 🇸🇪

Closing The Distance Questions

Questions to help you navigate common challenges when it comes to closing the distance. So you can transition smoothly into your new life together.

Tough decisions made easy

Start your new life together sooner

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Questions To Help You Reach The Ultimate Goal Of Physically Being Together Forever

It's the final destination you're striving for. But the path is unknown and many obstacles can derail your progress. The Closing The Distance Questions expansion pack will help you to tackle these challenges head on and set you up for success.

Be together forever FASTER

The right questions at the right time to help clarify plans, and proactively navigate common obstacles before they occur.

Seamlessly transition into your shared life

Create an environment that feels like the distance never existed by exploring each other's personal habits, and expectations.

Lay the groundwork to a thriving future, ensuring you become an effective team, financially stable, and continue to grow as a couple.

Designed using proven techniques to help you work as a team and make consistent progress towards closing the distance.

350gsm premium card stock with scratch resistant box that fits perfectly in the Long Distance Questions box or on it's own.

It's the perfect gift for enhancing your long distance intimacy. But if it's not for you we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

What Long Distance Couples Are Saying

"Having discussions from the Closing The Distance Expansion pack ahead of time was a game changer. Being proactive meant that we already knew how to get through some of the road blocks that came up."

Anna 🇧🇪 (& Michael 🇩🇪 )

Verified Buyer

"After not even going through five of the questions we realized how much we hadn't thought about that could really impact us. We're glad we got it in the bundle!"

Will 🇺🇸 (& May 🇺🇸 )

Verified Buyer

"If you struggle with planning or procrastination you need this deck. It made critical decisions easy to make. I have no doubt this helped us close the distance sooner and more smoothly."

Jean 🇫🇷  (& Ingrid 🇸🇪 )

Verified Buyer

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